BTS Members Express Their Gratitude To RM For Everything He’s Done As Their Leader

They love him.

At this year’s BTS Festa celebrating the 5-year anniversary of BTS, the members shared their appreciation for their leader, RM!


One of the segments of the special fan meeting included a time for the members to confess truths to one another. During this time, Suga confessed his appreciation for RM.

“You carry a large burden as the leader. I always feel sorry, and always grateful for you.” — Suga


V then revealed his gratitude for the group’s leader and his fluent English skills, which he felt more so at the recent BBMA’s.

“At the Billboard Music Awards, when RM went to the bathroom, I was nervous every time one of the many celebrities came up to us.” — V


Jimin also shared a story that revealed his appreciation for RM and his English skills.

“We were at the hotel and I misunderstood, so I came down to the lobby 30 minutes early. My room was far away so I just stayed there, but I was greeted by artists who were passing by. Khalid was there, and every time he asked me something I missed RM.” — Jimin


Upon hearing of the group’s struggles to communicate, Jin shared a tip he had received from RM to lighten the mood!

“RM told me if you don’t understand what they’re saying, just repeat the last thing that the other person said.” — Jin


RM, the fearless leader of BTS. Loved by all!

Source: SE Daily