Which BTS Members Can Handle Their Alcohol, And Which Members Get Drunk After One Shot?

He ranked his members from highest to lowest alcohol tolerance.

Like many adults, BTS‘s members enjoy having a drink now and then. Some prefer wine, some like soju, and others can’t handle their liquor at all! When a fan asked J-Hope to rank BTS’s alcohol tolerances from highest to lowest, here’s what he wrote.

1. Suga

Alcohol tolerance is usually proportionate to weight, but Suga proves that isn’t always the case.

Suga is one of the shortest and lightest BTS members, but according to J-Hope, he can out-drink them all!

2. Jin

J-Hope says that Jin has the second-highest alcohol tolerance in BTS.

He once tried to convince Jimin to let him drink on camera by claiming that alcoholic beverages would disinfect his throat!

3. Jimin

According to J-Hope, Jimin is another exception to the high weight = high tolerance rule. Jimin is the smolest BTS member, but he can tolerate alcohol better than many of the bigger members.

4. RM

RM‘s alcohol tolerance ranks in the middle. Since he is the tallest BTS member, one might assume that he has the highest alcohol tolerance in the group!

5. Jungkook

Given Jungkook’s weight and height, it may be surprising the see him ranking in the top three for lowest alcohol tolerance, but it’s true! In this live broadcast, it only took a couple of glasses of red wine to get Jungkook tipsy.

6. V

Coming in at #2 on J-Hope’s lightweight list is V.

V does drink, but since his tolerance is so low that he often chooses non-alcoholic beverages instead.

7. J-Hope

Who is the lightest lightweight of them all? None other than J-Hope!

J-Hope enjoys drinking with his members, but Dionysus he is not!

Check out J-Hope’s ranking here: