The BTS Members’ Reactions When Reporter George Pennacchio Fell On The Red Carpet Show Their True Personalities

All the members are so sweet!

ARMYs have always known that the BTS members are kind and thoughtful, but their interactions with reporter George Pennacchio on the red carpet are further proof of how genuinely sweet the members are!

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George Pennacchio interviewed BTS on the red carpet at the 2021 American Music Awards. BTS had a phenomenal night at the award show. They took home all three awards they were nominated for at the 2021 American Music Awards. They won the Favorite Pop Duo or Group, Favorite Pop Song, and Artist of the Year awards. They also made history as the first Asian act to win the Artist of the Year award.


George Pennacchio interviewed the members before the award show began, and the interview went really well.

| OnTheRedCarpet/YouTube

Although the interview went off without a hitch, George Pennacchio later revealed that he fell before the interview began. He revealed on Twitter that he fell to the floor approximately 10 seconds before the interview was supposed to start.

As soon as he fell, the BTS members took action and bent down to pick him up. Even the members who were standing farthest away from the interviewer quickly stepped in to help him up.

| @knjgloss/Twitter

The members quickly checked to see if George Pennacchio was okay before they proceeded with the interview. Fans were touched that BTS stepped in to help George Pennacchio, but they definitely weren’t surprised that the members kindly helped him out.

True Personalities

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