BTS Members Learn From And Respect Jin’s Continuous Efforts In Vocals And Dancing

We are all proud of you, Jin!

BTS‘s Jin is the oldest member of the group and originally was not someone who was working towards a dream in singing. But after being scouted, he decided to take this route and knew that he would have to work twice as hard to keep up with the other members.

“Before I became a trainee at around 20, 21 years old, I didn’t have much interest in singing. I didn’t sing at all until 20, 21 years old when I started and although I didn’t have much skill I worked really hard practicing in order to show growth and progression in my singing.”

Jimin was even shocked at how much Jin had improved and felt that his voice could now match any genre.

“When we were recording for this album I felt that Jin’s voice got so much better. I was so shocked. Before, he would get stressed because of his voice but now it feels like he could use his voice for any genre because he has gotten so much better.”

J-Hope: I feel like Jin’s live vocals has changed so much. I feel like he’s gotten much stronger at it.

Jimin: It was the first time I felt that ‘a person can really grow’ and I wanted to do better after seeing that. I thought to myself, “these are the people that are helping me grow.”

Jimin: Compared to when he started to the Japan tour he has improved so much.

Jungkook: He totally killed the MR.

Jimin: Right. Everyone improved and did well but Jin shined the most in his improvement. During this album recording I was shocked after hearing how good his voice was.

Jungkook also felt that although they don’t see him practicing, he always comes back improved and better the next time they practice together.

“He is always working hard by himself. I don’t see him practicing when I’m around but he always brings the best outcome when it comes time to. I think Jin is the one who has improved the most. I think it’s through this that I realized that Jin is also someone who has the pride and the passion.”

“With Jin, he is someone who puts in a lot of effort. Although we don’t see it upfront, I always hear from others that he was practicing by himself in his hotel room late into the night. I think he has a strong mental state regardless of if he has a weak side on the inside. He always seems strong the way he cares for each of the members…”

Jin continues to practice even if he is scared to in order to become better and not be a burden to the other members.

“I danced every day without ever skipping a day. This is my state right now and I guess I was so scared to always be moving my body and moving to the beat…”

We can see in a past vlog from January 4, 2014, he has always been putting in the effort since the beginning to avoid being a burden to the team.

“I think it’s because I don’t have a lot of muscle in my body so in order to make muscles, I worked out every day. Maybe I will be able to dance well after I’ve made enough muscles on my body? This is my small little hope that I have…will it be possible?”

Even after he has improved so much since the beginning, he continues to think that it’s not enough and that he has a long way to go.

Jin: My ability to grasp the choreo is much slower than the other members.

V: No, don’t say that!

Jungkook: No you’re not!

Jin: How do you all know that?

Jimin: We know best. We’re the ones beside you.

Jin: My ability to grasp it can be a bit slow.

V: It’s not really!

Jimin: Jin you’ve always done well.

The other members of the group have learned so much from Jin’s constant hard work and efforts as well as his mindset on life.

“Jin is someone that knows exactly what it is that makes him happy.”

We as fans are always here to support Jin and his constant growth and improvement in his craft. The fans and the members know best how far he has come to be where he stands now.