BTS Members Are Literally Biting Each Other, But Who’s Complaining

Fans have begun to notice a trend among BTS’s members and they can’t get enough of it.

BTS’s members are the kings of fan service and are certainly not afraid to publicly express their love and affection for each other. Indeed, the members seem to have discovered a unique way to show their love for one another — biting each other on the shoulders. Fans have captured moments from fan meetings to backstage interviews in which the members were found biting each other. Their strange yet adorable habit makes ARMYs go crazy!

V affectionately bites into Jin‘s broad shoulders while he gives an acceptance speech for winning #1 on MBC‘s Show Champion.

Jungkook subtly bites Rap Monster‘s shoulder during a fan meeting and lightly brushes his shoulder off after his display of affection. Looks like the Kookie Monster is hungry!

The boys of BTS can’t keep their hands to themselves!
The boys lovingly piggy-back each other.