BTS Members Love To Make Fun Of Jimin The Most…And It’s Too Cute

We all love our baby mochi!

We can all agree that BTS‘s Jimin is everyone’s adorable baby mochi who is fun to joke around and have a good time with.

We don’t blame the members though because Jimin’s reactions to their jokes are always too cute!

Q: Who has the most ‘aegyo’ and is the biggest baby of the group?

Everyone: Jimin!

Jimin: I am not a baby~

RM: This isn’t right hyung! Come on hyung! (impersonating Jimin)

J-Hope: Aiiiinggg~~~ (impersonating Jimin)

RM: Your fault! No it’s your fault! This ain’t it! (impersonating Jimin)

Suga takes it to another level in this clip of him imitating Jimin to the point Jimin himself gets a bit frustrated (How can someone look cute even while being annoyed?).

Jungkook can take first place for making fun of Jimin as he perfectly copies the way Jimin dances to songs.

Jungkook has become quite skilled at copying the way Jimin talks and behaves.

Suga can’t contain himself as he takes on Jimin’s part as if it were his own!

They all love to work together to make Jimin annoyed and honestly it’s more adorable than anything else.

Everyone: Where’s Jimin? He didn’t come?

As for Suga, he finds it the most fun playing around Jimin!

What’s the most fun thing to do?

Suga: Make fun of Jimin!

Just to make things clear, all of this is all fun and games and are not to be taken seriously!

The boys are like family and fooling around with one another is just another way of expressing their love!