Some Of The BTS Members Once Revealed Details About Their Past Love Lives…And It’s Quite Shocking

J-Hope’s story is quite sad.

Some of the members of BTS shared some details about their past lives on an episode of Rookie King. It begins with J-Hope confessing that his past girlfriend left him for another man.

J-Hope was sad about this event, so he decided to listen to some music on his way home. He accidentally turned on “Solo” (Dynamic Duo). This event turned out to be a memory for J-Hope, so “Solo” has a special place in his heart.

Jimin shares that he had a one-sided love before.

Whenever Jimin saw his crush, his heart would just stutter, and he couldn’t contain himself.

Jimin couldn’t even hide any of his emotions, as his face would get extremely red once he saw his crush.

confesses that he once had a one-sided love before. He wanted to confess to her over the phone.

V’s plan didn’t work out too well, as the weather pretty much ruined his plan.

V soon confesses that a lot of the details about his love story was made up.

Here is the full video below!


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