How each BTS members would react to news of a new member to the group

As a seven-member male idol group, BTS has been praised for their unity and team chemistry.

And while fans can’t imagine what the group would be like with different members, a thread on Instiz wondering what the group would be like with a new member has gained a lot of attention lately.

As a purely hypothetical situation, the post used knowledge of each of the members’ personalities to find the perfect GIF that would match how he would react to news of a new member joining the group.

Meanwhile, BTS is gearing up for a new comeback, which is set to be released on October 10th. For a chance to win your very own copy of their second studio album “WINGS,” make sure to check out our giveaway!


JungKook: “Welcome to the family, first time seeing BTS right?”

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Rap Monster: “Don’t think I will share any of the profits with you”

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V: “Oh your the new member to BTS? lol”

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Jin: “I’ll convert him into my crew”

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Suga: “Nah.. I don’t think so”

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J-Hope: “Yeah.. Okay..”

Source: Instiz