BTS Members Show Off How They Would Dance At Clubs, But ARMYs Can’t Really Imagine It

Which club would this be? Sign us up.

Back when BTS graced the show Idol Party, they were recorded showcasing their hottest “clubbing moves” in this exclusive video. While BTS members were kind of serious about the whole dance off, ARMYs can’t quite imagine seeing them pull these moves at clubs.


Jimin was first to show off his “club dance”. At first, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself…


… but soon, he decided to let go and dance. ARMYs aren’t sure how exactly Jimin escalated from the shyest person on the planet to that mean dancing machine, but it was quite the grandest sight indeed.


RM also got to boast his moves. He seemed so completely into the moment…


… but ARMYs couldn’t hold back the LOL. Note the sexiest split second of RM sitting like a calendar model on the floor:


Jin was also completely tranced by the music and the moment, but in the most le-JIN-dary way as possible. ARMYs weren’t surprised or caught off guard to see Jin like this – because this is how Jin is 99% of the time.


J-Hope actually wowed the show hosts with his slick side. He dominated the stage and really showed off his finest dancing skills. While ARMYs can’t imagine doing – or even seeing something this amazing at the club, J-Hope took the viewers’ breaths away with these moves.


Finally, Suga came to the spotlight and ARMYs were able to relate hardcore. If that is not the most accurate description of “club dance”, fans aren’t sure what else could possibly be.


That is to say, ARMYs are already well aware of what exactly would go down at the club – should BTS ever decide to go. While a lot of people would expect this to happen…


… we know this is more likely.


Watch the full clip here: