BTS Members Spill Their Skincare Routine Tips For Flawless Visuals

Take notes!

Korean idols are known for their love of skincare, just as Korea as a whole is known to be leading the way in the beauty industry and has some of the best skincare products out there. Idols almost require a dedicated skincare routine, considering how often their skin is tested with makeup and stress from their very busy lives, yet most of them somehow still manage to look flawless and beautiful thanks to the products they use.

BTS is no different. The boys have recently spoken up about different tricks and tips that they want to share with their fans about how they keep their skin looking so smooth and perfect! If you want to look as good as BTS, make sure to read these carefully.


Jungkook claims it’s vital to use toner and moisturizing cream as part of your routine, preferably at night after washing your face and before going to bed. He also takes a cleaning foam with him everywhere to make sure he can completely cleanse his face at night before using these products. The most important parts of the face to be careful around, he says, are the nose and eyebrows.


Jimin’s tips are simple but crucial to maintaining good skin.  He says the most important thing is to keep your skin clean, which means never going to bed with makeup on and always make sure you’ve completely washed your face at night. His second tip is to maintain hydration, so drink plenty of water to maintain hydrated skin!


Cotton pads are the key product for V’s flawless skin. During BTS’s travels, he keeps them on hand to moisturize his face with toner during the day. He was also told by a dermatologist to use them to apply lotion to his skin instead of using his hands.


J-Hope uses a variety of products to maintain his smooth, hydrated skin, including toners, lotions, and moisturizing creams. He also includes products that help prevent acne from popping up, especially during times of high stress. He says it’s important to apply cream in the morning when you wake up, and recommends using moisturizing masks daily to keep flawless visuals.


Suga’s favorite products to use are also hydrating masks, both because they’re simple and easy to use, but also because he knows how important it is to use a highly moisturizing and revitalizing product after days of makeup and sweat on tour.


RM has determined that he has dry skin, and therefore focuses on hydrating and moisturizing products to help it out. He recommends figuring out your skin type so you can specialize your routine as well!


Like Suga, Jin enjoys using face masks to rejuvenate his skin. He says they’re especially critical after a day of heavy makeup from promotions, if you were exposed to the sun for a while, or if you simply feel like your skin could use the boost.