BTS Members Spotted Hula Dancing In Hawaii

Some lucky fans were able to catch a glimpse of BTS‘s short trip to Hawaii, and footage of the group members trying traditional Hawaiian Hula dancing has fans going crazy.

Before heading back to Korea after holding a successful tour in the United States, the members of BTS made sure to stop by the state of Hawaii, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. In addition to trying out Hawaiian shirts and some local food, the group members also participated in traditional Hawaiian dancing as well.

Group members V, J-Hope, and Jimin were spotted dancing to Hula music, guided by several young dance instructors in traditional grass skirts and leis.

The three members showed off their own unique personalities by adding their own touch on the traditional dance. Some lucky fans were able to catch the performance and recorded bits of their dancing to share with their fellow ARMYs.

Check out some video clips of V, J-Hope, and Jimin performing a traditional Hula dance below: