BTS Surprise Jimin With A Special Song During Their Concert In Saudi Arabia

And Jimin was extra-extra happy about it.

During their concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, BTS began singing the “Happy Birthday” song in Arabic for member Jimin whose birthday is coming up on October 13. ARMYs in Riyadh, and ARMYs watching via live broadcast worldwide, got to celebrate Jimin’s birthday with BTS — thanks to this awesome surprise!


Jimin looked completely surprised when the members sang his name in the song. Soon, he realized the whole thing was a special celebration planned out by his loving teammates…


… and it made him extra-extra happy. Jimin hopped around the stage, taking in the love as the other members and ARMYs shouted on, “Happy Birthday, Jimin!”


Jimin commented, “I was so focused on the concert that I forgot it was my birthday soon.” Teary eyed, he thanked the members and ARMYs for making this birthday even more special!

Thank you so much, everyone. I think I forgot that my birthday is coming up… maybe because I was so focused on meeting you guys here tonight. But… this is an amazing surprise! I’m so happy right now. It means so much more that I get to spend my birthday with my members and my fans.

— Jimin


What a meaningful night for BTS and ARMYs all together!


Watch the heartwarming moment below: