BTS Knows Each Other So Well That They’re Nearly Telepathic

They might as well be one mind in seven bodies.

After spending more than five years together, the BTS members know each other’s personalities, preferences, and habits so well that it’s almost scary.


For starters, they know exactly how the members will react in any given situation. When they watched fireworks together, Suga knew that Jimin would react to the show by saying “whoa” in awe.


He also knew J-Hope wouldn’t be able to help capturing the moment with his phone!


You might say that, when it comes to their members, BTS has a sixth sense. While eating a meal with V, Jimin correctly guessed what Suga and Jungkook were doing back at home.


They are able to identify each other in amazing ways. On Kiss the Radio, J-Hope identified V by just hearing his sigh through a microphone.


While playing a blindfold game, RM was able to locate V by analyzing his personality.


Jungkook was able to guess RM’s identity by his elbow…


…and Jin’s by his smell.


Even more impressive, Jungkook once identified Suga by his presence alone!


Jin might as well be a mind reader because his narration of Suga’s inner thoughts was 100% accurate!


Writing anonymous letters for game missions is pointless because BTS can always identify the member behind their written words.


Of course, it helps that some members just can’t disguise their “voice”!


The more time BTS spends together, the more they learn about each other, so who knows? After 5 more years, they really might become telepathic!