No Special Effects or Camera Work Was Needed to Make BTS’s “Mic Drop” Choreo Video the Definition of Slay


BTS‘s official YouTube account just shared a new choreography video for the MAMA version of “Mic Drop”, and it was simply epic with no need for any camera work of special effects.

Every member dressed casually for this choreography video, and what especially stood out was the fairly large name tags they were wearing as well.

As expected from J-Hope, he absolutely killed the opening with his spectacular dancing skills, and the group proceeded to slay the difficult choreography without a single flaw to be seen.

In contrast to their official MV, this choreography video used no camera work or special effects, but it still had the ability to keep the viewer in the edge of their seat.

What made the video that much more epic was the background dancers that joined in and complimented BTS’s already epic dance performance.

Check out BTS’s mindblowing choreography video of “Mic Drop” below:

Source: Dispatch