Video Captures MOMOLAND Dancing In Front Of BTS…Their Reactions Are Priceless

Try not to laugh…too hard.

At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong, Mnet‘s “Artist Zone” camera captured a hilarious interaction between BTS and MOMOLAND.


On December 14, MOMOLAND kicked off their performance of “BAAM” in a way nobody expected. Instead of appearing on stage, 6 of the group’s members took their signature dance into the audience!


They danced right in front of BTS and TWICE


…before joining the rest of their members on stage.


In Mnet’s main video for MOMOLAND’s performance…


…TWICE can be seen cheering and dancing along with MOMOLAND.


Mnet’s “Artist Zone” cam, however, reveals that BTS reacted much differently to this surprise show!


When MOMOLAND suddenly appeared, Jin forgot all about the water he’d been about to drink.


Suga smiled and clapped to the beat…


…while RM got his groove on.


J-Hope and V, on the other hand, didn’t quite know what to do!


Jungkook became “Jungshook”…


…but cracked a smile when MOMOLAND made their exit.


It’s impossible not to laugh at BTS’s hilarious response, especially when seeing their expressions all side by side.


Fans are loving every single one of their reactions…


…especially Jin’s!


BTS’s reactions aren’t all the funniness this video has to offer though. Fans are also laughing at the way J-Hope casually threw Jimin’s jacket (reportedly worth $19,000!) to the floor!


For more, check out BTS’s full “Artist Zone” camera here.