This BTS MV Location Has Become A Tourist Hotspot Every ARMY Should Visit

The global appeal of BTS is creating a new tourist hotspot in South Korea.

The Mosun Aerodrome in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea, has become a tourist hotspot thanks to its use in BTS‘s “EPILOGUE: Young Forever” music video.


Jecheon City’s official website has recently posted a link to the 2016 Youtube video in a banner with the words “Come To Jecheon, BTS’s Music Video Site” to promote the connection.


In the MV, BTS is seen running along the airport runway in a beautiful drone shot. Interest in visiting the site increased alongside the group’s worldwide popularity.


The defense-owned airport was constructed in 1950 as a training ground for preventing war and establishing a peace regime and is now mostly used as a public park.


Coffee shops and restaurants have cropped up near the empty runway in Goam-dong as more tourists flock to the area, adding to the tourist attraction.

“Mosan airport is drawing keen attention thanks to the popularity of BTS. It is a good opportunity to promote Jecheon, which has beautiful tourism resources, as well as the airport.” — Jecheon City Official


The city is well worth visiting for its natural landscapes and, now, this extra reason!

Source: Korea Herald and Yonhap News