There Is One Mystery Surrounding BTS That ARMYs Have Yet To Solve

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Although ARMYs have found plenty of evidence to support all their theories surrounding BTS‘s music videos, there is one thing they’ve noticed over the past few months that is a regular occurrence in the MVs and just can’t explain.


While ARMYs have found lots of evidence supporting the theory that Jin is a time traveler and that V is a puppetmaster pulling all the strings…no one has a good explanation for all the glitches found in BTS’s music videos.


It all started with BTS’s “Run” dance practice video, a livestream, and the “Young Forever: Epilogue” video. Many ARMYs noticed that all three videos glitched 31 seconds into the video.

ARMYs were quick to point out that reaction videos of the dance practice showed no glitch at all. Which means the glitch is a pretty new occurrence and only showed up a few months ago.


While the incidents could have just been a big coincidence, fans started to realize there was way more going on and these new glitches were popping up all over the place. One fan who went back to watch “Boy in Luv” realized that there was a strange timestamp in the subtitles.


And the more videos they watched the more glitches they found that they could have sworn weren’t there before. For instance, there’s the odd glitch in “No More Dream” right around the 2-minute mark that not a single fan noticed until a few months ago.


Then there is the sound glitch in the credits of “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Prologue”…


The sudden blurring of V and Jin in “Blood Sweat & Tears”…


Or the freaky glitch on the television behind Jungkook in “Spring Day”.


Not to mention some ARMYs were getting error messages when they searched for BTS and Big Hit Entertainment.

And some ARMYs even experienced a disappearing “subscribe” button on the group’s YouTube channel!


Then fans stumbled upon an Instagram account with only posts of BTS glitches. While it wasn’t that spooky considering #BTSGlitchParty was beginning to trend around the world, the strange captions in morse code certainly were!

As some ARMYs pointed out, BTS has used a code in their messages before leading some to speculate that this account was made by them!


At first, fans were convinced that these glitches were connected to BTS’s 2018 Festa because glitches were added to the logo. The only problem was that they kept occurring.


Which is why many fans were speculating that this was a hint for a comeback. Fast forward to “Idol” and we may have the answer. “Idol” is full of these glitches and some fans are now convinced that the whole thing was a spoiler for the song.


Some, but not all! There are still other ARMYs that aren’t convinced, especially since the glitches are still around. One thing is for certain though, ARMYs will definitely get to the bottom of it just like they have with all the previous theories.