BTS And NCT Wore The Same Outfits — But Who Wore Them Better?

Hot guys vs. hot guys 🔥

As famous idols, a perk that BTS and NCT enjoy is wearing designer outfits. Sometimes this means they’re coincidentally seen wearing the same hot new clothes on the market. With their different physiques and visuals, the outfits change depending on the person wearing them.

Check them out below!

1. The OG Outfits – Prada Spring 2020 Menswear

2. NCT 127

Members Yuta and Jaehyun appeared on the March 2020 issue of Spur Magazine Japan. They looked dashing and endearing in the same Prada outfits pictured above!


3. BTS

Meanwhile, BTS featured on the August 2020 issue of Vogue Japan, where members RM and J-Hope were spotted wearing the same outfits as Yuta and Jaehyun.

RM had on the same outfit as Yuta’s in a pink parka.

He gave off a more chill and relaxed vibe, whereas Yuta appeared more boyish and playful!

On the other hand, J-Hope could be seen wearing the same outfit as Jaehyun’s.

J-Hope looked chic and classy while Jaehyun looked cute and fresh!

So—who wore them better? Or maybe the better question is, how well did BTS and NCT rock these outfits in their own way?

Source: theqoo

Same Fit, Different Vibes