BTS’s New Characters TinyTAN Makes Their Official Debut

Who’s your favorite TinyTAN?

TinyTAN, which are BTS inspired animation characters, officially made their debut through their new official Twitter account with an introduction video that released on July 30.

The group has had figures and characters made in the past that were inspired by them such as BT21 and Mattel dolls, but these new characters seem like a more upgraded and real version of the boys.

Avid fans of the group may have seen these characters before such as the Bang Bang Con The Live online concert.

Finally on July 3, they posted videos of each of the members’ characters through their Twitter account.


They described RM as ‘unbreakable cuteness’ who is steadfast, intelligent, insightful, destruction, and a quick thinker.


Jin is everyone’s ‘worldwide cutie’ with keywords such as dad jokes, responsible, laugh explosion, and life of the party.


Suga is known as the ‘sweetie with swagger’ who is honest, creative, tsundere, foresight, and supine.


J-Hope is known as ‘Little Hope Right Here’ who is a dance leader, quick learner, performance, sound effects, and talented.


Jimin is called the ‘lovely little angel’ who is considerate, emotive, artistic, hardworking, and a perfectionist.


V is everyone’s ‘precious baby bear’ with the keywords visual, talent generator, tenacious, expressive, and free-spirited.


Jungkook is the ‘adorable golden baby’ who’s keywords are overdrive, confidence, patience, sights on high, and tireless.

Still dreaming? Keep going until you find your magic door! Stay tuned for more updates from these TinyTAN!