BTS Was Not Supposed To Debut With “No More Dream”, Here’s What Happened

BTS debuted with “No More Dream” due to one person.

BTS‘s “No More Dream” is iconic, and it would be hard to imagine the group with a different debut track.

BTS during the “No More Dream” era

However, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, they revealed that they originally weren’t supposed to debut with “No More Dream”.

BTS’s Jimin during the “No More Dream” era

The original song that BTS was going to debut with was called “End of the World”.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

The reason BTS ended up debuting with “No More Dream” was due to Bang Si Hyuk, the head of BTS’s agency (Big Hit Entertainment).

At that time, PD Bang (Bang Si Hyuk) told us that because we were young kids that it would be nice to talk about issues that young kids experience. And be a representative of the youth, and that’s how this track (“No More Dream”) was created.

— Jimin

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

V then shared that when they were on set for the “No More Dream” music video, they were fascinated by everything.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Jimin then talked about the food truck they had on set and how it was extremely delicious. J-Hope also shared that everything on set was amazing to him, even the air!

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Jimin also mentioned that some members got injured during the filming of “No More Dream”.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!