BTS Once Joked About The Future But Actually Ended Up Speaking Things Into Reality

BTS never expected this!

BTS‘s rise to fame is truly amazing, as they beat all the odds to get to where they are. Even the members themselves have admitted that they never expected to reach this level of fame.

The members once even made some joking comments about their future that ended up becoming reality. During BTS’s third anniversary, Suga joked that “Fire” was #1 on the MelOn Charts for almost 40 days.

The members then joked that they soon would be going to the Grammys.

RM also spoke on how “Fire” was on every music chart except for Billboard.

Well, a few years later, and these jokes ended up coming true! BTS just recently topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with their song “Dynamite”.

Not only that, but BTS also ended up performing at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards, where they sang a rendition of “Old Town Road” with Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mason Ramsey, Diplo, Young Thug, and Nas.

BTS also had an impressive streak with “Boy With Luv” as the song spent an entire year on the MelOn Weekly Chart!

Here’s the full video of BTS’s third anniversary below!