BTS Opened Up About The Possibility Of Dating With Their Busy, Hectic Schedules

They don’t even think about it.

BTS held an interview for ELLE Girl Russia‘s December 2018 issue. There, the members were quoted about the possibilities on dating amidst their busy schedules.

The issue claimed that Suga doesn’t want to think about love even if he had someone he was interested in. They may only be in their twenties, but all they can do is focus on work.

Even if he was interested in someone (He was even very doubtful about this), Min Yoongi doesn’t want to think about love.

He’s 25 years old, but he does nothing in life but work. For example, the members all woke up at 6am. The interview was held at 8pm, and they still had hours of work left before they will be able to get the sleep that they desired.

They barely have any time off. The last vacation they had was in February, and they had the best time eating barbecue together for 3 days.

— ELLE Girl Russia

Suga revealed that they wake up in the morning to work nearly 24 hours before having to re-do the same schedule again.

You’ll understand if you walk in our shoes. We really don’t have time. Just like today. Our work ends in the morning, but we have to wake up early to go practice again.

— Suga

Because of their hectic schedules and lifestyles, Jimin was quoted on saying that the members simply don’t have time to date. Even if they were dating, it would be far different than the average relationship.

I don’t believe that we can date someone. We don’t even have time to meet our family members. Our lifestyles are very different from other people.

Even if we were in a relationship, it wasn’t like the relationships that the word entails.

— Jimin

ELLE Girl Russia explained that none of the members currently had a girlfriend and none were looking to date at this very moment. They also emphasized that BTS’s lifestyle may seem lonely but they’re beloved by fans from all over the world.

None of the members had girlfriends, and none of them thought about the desire to make one.

Although there are many lonely young adults who focus on work, but [the BTS members] were far different from the average lonely city folks that sacrifice their lives.

They are globally famous, very successful and the envy of all young adults.

— ELLE Girl Russia