BTS’s “Persona” Concept Photos Have A Surprising Detail That’s Easy To Miss

This little surprise reflects the members perfectly.

Fans have spotted a hidden detail in BTS‘s latest concept photos that’s making them laugh and “aww”.


Recently, BTS dropped two series of concept photos for their MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona album, which will drop on April 12. The second series, ‘Version 2’, is shot in a pink, tropical-themed bathroom.


To the right is a shelve of toiletries that includes bath towers, a mug, soap, and more. It appears nearly the same in every shot, but two details are noticeably different in BTS’s “hyung line” and “maknae line” photos: the soap!


In the photos of BTS’ oldest member, Jin, and BTS’s leader, RM, photos the soap is just peaking out from behind the mirror frame.


In Suga‘s photo and J-Hope‘s photo, we see slightly more of the label…


…but it is still obscured.


The label is, however, clearly shown in the photos of BTS’s three youngest members, JiminV, and Jungkook.


This isn’t just any soap, either. It’s “Baby Soap”, for the “babies” of BTS!


It’s unclear if Big Hit Entertainment added in this cute detail on purpose…


…but ARMYs are loving it!


Check out more of the concept photos here:

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