BTS’s Personalities Can Be Seen Through Their Paintings From “In The SOOP”

Talented kings.

In BTS’s In the SOOP, the members were given the opportunity to rest and relax while doing things they’ve always wanted to do.

Out of the many things they did, painting was one hobby that all the members took a part in. Let’s take a look at each member’s drawings below!


Oldest member Jin’s painting is very simple yet bold. His confident brush strokes show no hesitation, which is quite similar to his personality.


Suga takes on a more soft yet smooth approach to his painting, using colors in the same hue to create a peaceful and comforting painting. This is similar to his laid-back and gentle personality.


RM’s painting shows off his personality in that he seems to have mixed different art techniques into his painting. Being someone who is interested in art and literature, his painting perfectly depicts his mind which is full of creativity and imagination.


J-Hope’s painting is similar to his personality in that he uses never-before-seen techniques along with a lot of color. This depicts J-Hope’s bright and colorful personality of always being the life of the party.


Jimin, instead of doing a full-on painting, opted to paint a picture on a shoe with J-Hope. This small yet delicate drawing off a tree is similar to his nurturing and kind personality.


Golden maknae Jungkook takes his time with his paintings and puts his whole focus into it.

This is similar to his personality of always working tirelessly to be the best he can be.

And as the ‘golden maknae’, he truly proves that there is nothing that he can’t do!

In the SOOP is a reality show that aired last August on JTBC.


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