These Photos Of BTS Are Causing A Lot Of ARMYs To Do Double Takes

Wait…those are two different members?

You know that old saying that you become who you hang out with? Normally it refers to a person’s personality but ARMYs have been finding out that it can also apply to appearances especially in BTS‘s case!


The focus lately has been on Jin, Jungkook, and V. And after taking a look at some of the pictures it isn’t hard to see why even the most dedicated ARMYs have been doing a double-take with these photos.


Like how is it possible that their faces line up so perfectly? It’s almost like you’re looking at a single photo of a single person…


Until you cover one side of the photo and realize you’re looking at Jungkook on one side and V on the other!


Or you might be convinced you’re looking at a photo of Jin until you realize part of the photo is really V!


Of course, fans were also quick to point out that this photo looks like Jin is being reflected back at V…


Until someone flips the picture right way round and realizes they were looking at V the entire time!


But that isn’t the end to these oddly tricky photos! Once ARMYs noticed these similarities, they’ve been on the hunt trying to find even more pictures where the members look like each other and boy, did they deliver!


There are photos where fans could swear they are looking at V and Jimin


Until a quick flip proves it’s really Jungkook!


Then there are the moments when one member seems to morph into another right before our eyes like this one where Suga seemingly turns into J-Hope


But then at the same time, Suga can also flip a switch and transform into Jungkook!


And then there’s Jin who apparently is really good at channeling his inner RM!


Meanwhile, everyone is freaked out by this photo that looks like Jungkook has his arm on himself when it’s really just Suga again!


And fans are especially spooked by this screenshot of their “Fake Love” performance in Los Angeles. Good luck to anyone who tries to figure out which member is which without watching the whole performance!


All these photos have caused quite the stir with ARMYs who are absolutely shocked by how hard it is to tell who is who!


At least we know that there is one sure fire way to tell the boys apart even when you get confused by their photos! There’s no mistaking who is who as soon as they open their mouths to sing!