BTS Plays Subway Olympics On “The Tonight Show” With Jimmy Fallon

See what BTS was up to in New York!

On February 25 KST, BTS made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as special guests. They answered questions from fans and played fun games all while cruising on a New York subway train. Let’s take a look at some of the fun games they played for the Subway Olympics.

1. Protect The Duck

In this first game, they battled one another to see who could knock off the opponent’s rubber duck first. Did you see how smooth V knocked the duck off of RM‘s hand?

2. Dance Your Shades And Gloves Off

In this second game, the first player to fling off their shades and gloves off first by dancing- wins!

Look at the speed of Jin and V for this one!

3. Post It Challenge

Get as many post-its on your body as you can in 15 seconds.

Jimmy made sure to watch out for that one post-it on Jungkook!

You can watch the full episode of all their fun shenanigans below!