BTS Politely Declined To Take Photos With Fans During Their “Important Business”

They respectfully said no to these fans.

When BTS says “important business”, what they really mean is “no photos, please”.


For years, “important business” has helped the members politely say no to photos during their Bon Voyage travels. Since Bon Voyage is kept hush hush until its release, unauthorized photos are not permitted during filming.


Unfortunately, “important business” is not as effective as it used to be, but the members have found other ways to politely get their message across.


While in New Zealand for Bon Voyage 4J-Hope and were both approached by fans for photos. In addition to dropping his catchphrase, “important business”, J-Hope also apologized to the fans by saying “I’m sorry” and using gestures.


Like J-Hope, V respectfully said no when he was approached by a flight attendant. He felt sorry for declining. If only “important business” hadn’t lost its magic!