BTS Only Promoted This Song For Four Days But It Became One Of Their Most Famous Tracks

It’s one of their representative songs now.

In 2016, BTS released “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever” and came back with “Fire.” The group only promoted the song for four days, with plans for more individual activities, performances, and overseas schedules.


Despite only being promoted on music shows for four days, the track was able to score three music show wins: one on Mnet M Countdown, one on KBS Music Bank, and one on SBS Inkigayo.


With how popular the song was (and still is), the boys performed “Fire” in numerous events and awards ceremonies in 2016. Many agree that this concept ideally suited BTS.


K-ARMYs and netizens are saying that “Fire” is one of BTS’s representative songs, with it being used as background music for variety shows and even YouTube videos! Even now, the song is widely popular. The choreography has become iconic, with many other idols covering the song. Just shows how powerful BTS’s impact is!

Source: TheQoo


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