BTS’s Random Twitter Challenge Trends On Reddit

It’s like playing BTS roulette.

Come play the random BTS Twitter challenge if you may!

A recent posting on Reddit suggested for ARMYs to go on a Tumblr website, to search a random date for an English translation of BTS tweets that dates all the way back to 2013.

Using the search bar on the website, fans can search any tweets that BTS members posted, and the challenge is to find as many precious hidden gem moments as you can by just putting in any random dates you can think of! What’s even more amazing is that fans soon realized BTS posted something almost every day!

A few golden examples are:

J-Hope’s Halloween photos with the rest of the gang

Jimin and V playing around in Dallas

Jin’s hilarious birthday card to Jimin

“Park Jimin, this jerk
Is your mouth the only mouth, is mine just a hole?
I don’t really like mint choco but how could you eat it all alone because it’s your birthday…anyways, Happy Birthday punk

You know hyung loves you, right?

-Jin hyungnim”

Lump Boy

A group dinner from 2015

A text convo of V’s dad being hungry for his son’s love

V: (photo) Eat this
Dad: (sticker) I’m very hungry for my son’s love
V: haha Wait
V: I’ll give you a truckload of it next time
Dad: haha Thanks

Even some early tweets that bring back sweet memories,

WOW we have gained 1600 followers even when I didn’t realize!! I will throw out a selfie as a follow commemoration~~ heh

Long time no Jin

The first time RM wore a suit

The first Inkigayo broadcast

Fans are trending this thread and posting their own findings, and most of them are hilarious!

Ready to take on a challenge yourself?

Try going to the website and begin your challenge here: