BTS Rap Monster Talks About How Difficult It Is To Be an Idol Group Leader

Red Velvet’s Irene, EXO’s Suho, and BTS’s Rap Monster have all shown what it takes to be an exceptional group leader. These three group leaders have shown just how tough it can be to be the group leader, but also simultaneously proved that they were the perfect members for the position.

Red Velvet’s Irene

In an episode of Yang Nam Show, Irene and Joy were asked if being the oldest members of the group came with any specific difficulties, to which she simply answered, “No not really.”

Joy then explained that while all the other members express their stresses, Irene never did. The host, Yang Se Hyung, then expressed that he understood Irene’s silence, as he experienced the same thing with his comedian juniors.

“If I’m just as stressed as the other members, the whole team collapses. Either I have to suck it up, or confide in another sunbae.”

— Yang Se Hyung

When Irene heard his words, she began tearing up as it perfectly summarized how emotionally difficult it was for her to be the leader.

EXO’s Sehun & BTS’s Rap Monster

Suho and Rap Monster starred in the same episode of tvN’s men’s talk show, Problematic Man, and expressed that it was difficult to solve problems within their groups, especially with their packed schedules.

The host Jeon Hyun Moo first asked Suho how he approached internal conflicts within the group. Suho explained that he would ask them to gather up and talk about their problems, but this was never as easy as it sounded.

He then shared a story of when Suho asked the members of EXO to gather up before a scheduled event, one of the members asked, “Do we have to do this now?”

Rap Monster also expressed that as a leader, it often felt discouraging to try and discuss serious issues with the group, and sometimes made him feel powerless.

“It’s so uncomfortable trying to get them to gather up. It’s a little stressful trying to talk about serious things with them. Plus, they’re all tired out from schedules.”

— BTS’s Rap Monster

Source: Dispatch