2013 BTS Gave 2020 BTS Cringe Attacks, And We’re Loving It 

The members recently reacted to an old interview clip from 2013.

BTS came face to face with a blast from the past: their debut selves!

On March 3, BangtanTV released a new reaction video where 2020 BTS reacts to 2013 BTS giving an interview just a week after their debut.

Back in those days, BTS were brand new rookies who dressed to match their strong hip hop concept for 2 Cool 4 Skool. Although the members love themselves, past and present, the cringe was real.

When past BTS did their greeting, present BTS burst out laughing. They used to be so intense!

J-Hope reacted like this when he came onto the screen…

…and he even told his past self to go away!

Jungkook couldn’t contain himself when saw “Baby Jungkook” again, who was just 17 (Korean age). He cringed and playfully punched J-Hope, smiling all the way.

RM had no problem facing his old perm and sunglasses, but when it looked like “Dance Monster” might jump out, he freaked out.

Luckily for him, the question got passed off to Suga, who craftily passed it off to Jimin, who wowed all with his rock-hard abs.

Some things never change…like BTS’s leader having his clumsy moments. Everyone cracked up when “Rap Monster” mixed up the greeting and they had to do multiple takes.

Although much has changed for BTS in the last seven years,  they’re thankful for those seven rookies who dared to dream big. They made BTS the people they are today.

Watch the video here: