BTS Share Behind The Scenes Details About Filming For “ON” MV

They told stories about being on set, while reacting to their new “ON” music video

BTS‘s new “ON” MV is a cinematic masterpiece, but it took a lot of blood, sweat, and frozen hands to make it happen!

In a new BangtanTV video, BTS reacts to watching “ON” MV for the first time. The members praised each other’s performances, marveled over the video’s visual effects, and provided commentary about their filming experiences.

“It was freezing cold. I almost froze to death,” Jin said as everyone else talked about how cool (pun intended!) the opening scene is. “I was seriously freezing.” 

Jungkook was also freezing his bunny buns off on set, perhaps even more than Jin was. He had to walk into freezing cold water that was, unfortunately for him, not CGI.

“Ugh, I really suffered for this scene,” he said. “My hands were frozen solid.” 

Jungkook was so cold that he had to pour hot water in his shoes to warm back up!

In films and television, realistic (but much softer) replicas of sharp objects are often used, but according to Jungkook, his thorns were real!

J-Hope and Suga commented on how the sunlight in Los Angeles added something different to the music video.

It might not have been warm, but the lighting was beautiful!

When J-Hope and Jungkook watched the MV a second time, they pointed out that a scene of all the members running, and one of the extras walking up “Pride Rock” had been cut.

Check out BTS’s reaction video here.