BTS’s Reaction To GOT7 Jackson’s MAMA Moment Is Our Reaction Too

Relieve this hilarious moment through BTS’s eyes.

GOT7‘s Jackson became a new meme at the 2019 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA), and everybody loved it, including BTS!


Dressed in matching plastic pants, Park Jin Young and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa put on an upbeat performance that ended with Hwasa sitting on Park Jin Young’s lap. Jackson couldn’t handle this, clearly.


Ever since then, ARMYs have been dying to see BTS’s reaction to Jackson’s reaction. On December 11, Mnet finally released the clip that also features reactions from ATEEZ and TXT.


As soon as Jackson’s face appeared on the screen, Jin burst into applause and laughter, setting off a chain reaction that spread through JungkookJ-HopeSugaV, and Jimin! Unfortunately, RM‘s reaction wasn’t captured by Mnet’s camera.


Check out the full clip here: