BTS’s Reactions To Halsey’s BBMAs Performance Will Warm Your Heart

Halsey’s “Without Me” enraptured BTS from beginning to end at the Billboard Music Awards.

Halsey‘s solo stage at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) moved everyone who saw it, including BTS.


On May 1, Halsey performed her emotionally charged hit “Without Me”. In a past interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Halsey described the song as a reminder that “you shouldn’t allow others to take advantage of you”. 


She performed “Without Me” with dancer Jade Chynoweth, who wore a matching outfit and mirrored her intensity step per step. The performance was raw, honest, and very moving.


Due to the low lighting, fancams had a difficult time capturing BTS’s reactions but a few flashes of light show just how enraptured they were by their friend’s show.


According to fans, this photo was taken during Halsey’s solo and it shows that Jungkook was even moved to tears!


At the end of “Without Me”, the BBMAs official camera focused on Jimin‘s and Jin‘s heartwarming reaction…


…but the rest of the members were cheering for her too!


Jungkook also said “wow”, and gave her a thumbs up.


Check out the whole fancam here.