BTS Really Decided To Prank A Member By Leaving Him Behind, Alone

Just because BTS are a family, doesn’t mean they don’t know a good prank.

We know BTS to be one of the most tight-knit groups in K-Pop. Their brotherly bond has been displayed multiple times.



This is a bit different from a moment in the new season for their show, Bon Voyage. The members were out shopping and for “some reason” just felt like it was a good time to prank J-Hope. While he was in the store returning an item, the members felt like it was a good idea to jokingly leave him behind.



The best part might be J-Hope’s reaction after he realized what was going on. He looked like he was just dumbfounded and tried to understand the situation.



The members couldn’t hold this act for long as they immediately felt bad for leaving him behind and returned rather quickly to get him.




That doesn’t mean that J-Hope was going to let the members off easy for just abandoning him like that, as he laughingly let them know how he felt.



In the end, it was just a nice prank between 7 people who are like brothers to each other.