BTS Is Recruiting Members For The Global Fan Club And Korean ARMYs Are Not Happy

They’re upset.

BTS has announced that they are now recruiting fans to join the “Global Official Fan Club (ARMY) Membership” on their fan cafes and SNS accounts on July 15.

To become a fan club members, one must sign up for Weverse, the official fan community of BTS. There, they must purchase the fan club membership from the official store.

When purchasing, one needs to register the name found in official documents, like passports or driver’s license. Some benefits of the membership include membership cards, membership kits, lottery tickers for Korean concerts, opportunities to join broadcasts, and more.

Upon hearing the news, many Korean ARMYs were upset, mainly because BTS is a Korean group yet there is no official Korean ARMY fanclub. Instead, BTS has an official Japanese fan club.

Many are upset that Korean fans have to compete with other global fans, saying that they can’t buy tickets for concerts now since they are bound to the global fan club. K-ARMYs are also wondering why Japanese fans have their own fanclub, with many people saying it’s as if they favor Japanese fans over Korean fans. Some have pointed out that Japanese ARMYs can also join the global fan club, which puts them to an advantage compared to people from other parts of the world.

Why is the Korean fan club the same as the global fan club? Japanese ARMYs have a Japanese fan club and concerts are held eight times a year there. Why should Korean fans compete with global fans? We can’t even buy tickets like we use since we are bound to the fan club. Seriously, if it is a global fan club, give us the right to pre-book lottery tickets for overseas concerts and Korean concerts. Or you can limit the membership of ARMYs joining from Japan. BTS is a Korean group, I don’t understand why Koreans are having trouble meeting BTS.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Naver