That Time BTS Accidentally Hijacked Another Group’s Fancam

Even a girl group fansite can’t help but fall for BTS!

BTS accidentally hijacked another group’s fancam!

BTS (left) and Red Velvet (right) | TheGsd/YouTube

Many iconic K-Pop groups celebrated New Year’s at 2016 MBC Gayo Daejun. BTS and SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet were next to each other on stage that night.

| Mera/YouTube


As fireworks went off and “Locked & Loaded (Hardwell Edit)” by Domeno and Michael Sparks played, BTS stopped hugging but continued to move around more and more, ultimately having their own mini rave as they danced around the stage. So, while K-Pop idol girl group fansite TheGsd had previously been attempting to stay focused and zoomed in on Red Velvet despite the surrounding boy groups, when Jungkook smoothly entered the screen, the cameraperson suddenly zoomed out to capture BTS’s dance party.


This video clip alone has gone viral even more than the original video. While the full video has 101K views on YouTube, the clip has 3M views on Twitter at the time of writing.

No one is exempt from falling for BTS’s charms, not even a girl group fansite!

Source: TheGsd