Behind-the-Scenes Video of BTS’s Spring Day MV Reveals What The Set Was Really Like

BTS continues to build anticipation for their comeback as they release behind-the-scenes clips from their Spring Day music video. 

On February 14, BTS released exclusive footage taken from their shoot for Spring Day, along with a short commentary on their experience so far. The first part of the clip featured the members trying to brave the cold as they filmed in scenic locations. It also showed the iconic set in their music video which included the members posing on top of a mountainous pile of clothes.

One fan of the group also released exclusive photos from the set of their shoot. It was discovered that the fan’s father was a camera director for the shoot and was able to take photos as it progressed.

“Spring Day” was the lead track for their new album repackage, Wings: You Never Walk Alone. Since its release, the track has charted impressively in Korea’s music rankings and other online music charts, even going as far as becoming the first track by a K-Pop group to reach the Top 10 of the US iTunes charts.