BTS releases cosy winter themed photoshoot

BTS have once again amazed fans with their outstanding visuals as they pose for Singles Magazine.

In a recent photo shoot for Singles Magazine, BTS posed in high fashion and showed off their jaw-dropping visuals for fans. Each member showed off their unique looks and natural smiles while dressed in cozy winter outfits.

Unfortunately for BTS fans, members, Jin and V were absent from the photo shoot. Despite their absence, the rest of the members maintained their dynamics as a group and continued the shoot professionally.

With their amazing visuals and talents, it’s no wonder BTS’ popularity only continues to grow as they prepare for their first sell-out world tour.

Take a look at BTS’ cozy winter photo shoot below!

BTS’ members look adorable in their cozy winter outfits.
Just look at J hope’s bright smile and Rap Monster‘s amazing side profile. No one can deny their visuals.
The perfect rap and visual trio.
Suga and Jungkook look seductive in all black high fashion.
J Hope and Jungkook’s all black rebel left fans in awe of their amazing visuals.
Suga shows off his perfect profile for Singles Magazine.
Rap Monster showed off his sexy side as he posed in all white and a rebellious choker.
The rebellious biker look is made for J Hope.
Jungkook continues to amaze fans with his jaw-dropping visuals.
Jimin looks like a handsome chaebol from a drama.
Singles Magazine also gave fans a sneak peak behind the scenes as BTS prove they don’t need touch ups to show off their amazing visuals. Take a look below.