BTS Reveal How The Past Year Has Brought Them Closer Together

The group is focusing on the positives!

BTS has always been a group that has prided themselves on their amazing teamwork and the undeniable bond between members.

In an interview with the Zach Sang Show, the group was asked how they have become especially closer this past year during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Jin explained how COVID-19 impacted the group as performers. Due to the social restrictions, BTS has been unable to perform in front of their fans for over a year. He added that, despite the negative aspects of the pandemic, it positively impacted their relationship as a group.

We’ve talked together during this time to encourage one another and work on our music and performances to be ready when we actually go on stage.

— BTS’s Jin

They were then asked how it has felt to be with the people they are closest to, especially during hard times, as a safety net.

J-Hope explained how grateful he is to the other band members for everything they have done for each other during the pandemic!

It seems as if, despite everything going on in the world, BTS has found a way to take a bad situation and see the positives in their everyday life!