BTS Reveal Suga Isn’t Always As Calm And Quiet As ARMYs Imagine Him To Be

He gets excited about a lot of different things…

In an interview done for the Japanese ARMYs in their official fan club magazine, BTS revealed what “ignites” — or excites — Suga, who is otherwise quiet and reserved. Members mentioned a few things that gets Suga activated on maximum volume!


While Jin didn’t think Suga ever has moments of uncontrollable excitement…

I’ve never seen Suga worked up about anything. Even his reactions are super composed.

— Jin


V knew that Suga sure can get excited beyond his normal sloth-y vibe.

Suga gets excited about a lot of things these days, actually. He’s quite loud in the waiting rooms now.

— V


RM and J-Hope both agreed that technology tends to work that magic on Suga. They pointed out that when Suga becomes interested in something…

[He gets excited] when he’s talking about electronics or mechanical stuff. He looks really happy when he’s talking about the things he likes.

— RM


… he will become more talkative and get all excited about sharing what he knows about the topic.

He gets plenty excited when he’s talking about his interests. These days, I think he’s into technological advances and social events.

— J-Hope


Jimin and Jungkook commented that Suga’s new found interest in a mobile game also got him more excited than usual.

I think he gets worked up when he’s gaming. Usually, he’s calm and composed but… sometimes he can’t keep his cool as well as you’d think.

— Jimin


It sounds like whatever cellphone game Suga got hooked on is doing an excellent job at keeping him invested!

He’s into a mobile game these days. When he’s playing that, he gets louder.

— Jungkook


ARMYs can’t quite imagine Suga getting “ignited” all too easily, given his usual super-chill nature, but they definitely wouldn’t mind seeing the Lit Suga version more often!

Source: THEQOO