BTS Revealed Their Favorite Avengers And Jungkook’s Pick Might Be A Shocker

Jungkook definitely caught them off guard with this one.

In an interview with Amp Radio in LA, BTS were asked what their favorite Marvel characters were. Interestingly, they all picked Avengers. Well, all except Jungkook who gave an unexpected answer with a mischievous smile.

Between the 7 boys, J-Hope picked Thor, V picked Dr. Strange, and Jin picked Spiderman, while RM, Jimin and Suga all picked Ironman.

While RM was shouting out Ryan Reynolds for following them on Twitter and changing his pick to Reynolds’ character Deadpool, it was Jungkook’s turn to answer. After confirming who the villain was, Jungkook said that his pick was indeed Thanos.

RM was still talking about Deadpool, so he, V and J-Hope didn’t hear Jungkook’s pick. Jungkook immediately laughed and took it back, saying that his favorite Avenger was actually Ironman. Jimin, Suga, Jin and Jungkook all then took the opportunity to mimic Thanos’ infamous snap.

We know that they’d only make good things happen with the snaps of their fingers, so we’re not worried… or should we be? The boys also talk being called “Kings of Pop,” how they stay humble, and what they do on their off days in the full interview below: