BTS revealed they sometimes go on Twitter and look at fans’ pictures

BTS revealed during an interview on the WINGS tour that they see fans posts on twitter.

The interviewer followed through with the initial revelation and asked BTS if they see their fans selfies as well.

Rap Monster answered by saying that BTS occasionally did go on Twitter to see fan selfies as well.

“Of course!

Yeah, there was like a selfie day right, and we sometimes look at them on Twitter, and it’s sometimes very cute because they do like the same pose with us.”

– BTS Rap Monster


Fans showcase their love on “Army Selca Day” –  where fans take selfies of themselves and a BTS member.

#ARMYSelcaDay is on the first Tuesday of every month!

This means that they may just see fans selfies on Tuesdays!

Watch the full interview below!