BTS Reveals The Korean Pick-Up Line That’s Sure To Make All The Girls And Boys Go Crazy

As if ARMYs need another reason to fall harder for them.

In an exclusive phone interview with iHeartRadio, Maxwell from Z100 praised BTS for being a triple threat when it came to how well they dress, their “on point” dancing, and quality music.

Naturally, he wanted to be as smooth as BTS and asked for their best pick-up line in Korean. RM translated the question for the rest of the group before they delivered their concise answer.

In unison on the count of three, they all shouted out, “Saranghaeyo,” which many know as meaning “I love you.” Maxwell was surprised at how short the pick-up line sounded but knew the line would make girls go crazy.

Just that simple. Girls are going crazy now for you.

Upon hearing Maxwell’s conclusion, though, RM made sure to correct him by saying both boys and girls would go crazy at hearing it.

Yeah. Girls going crazy. Boys going crazy.

When you’re BTS, not much is needed. Listen to them give the cheeky “pick-up line” here.