BTS Reveals How They Overcome The Negativity From Haters

RM could just hear the haters talking, but they don’t phase him.

Since BTS have fans all around the world that support them, that amount of popularity comes with many negative people who don’t want to see them thriving. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the group answered how they combat the negativity.


With seven years of experience being in the spotlight and facing it head-on, the solution was a simple one for them.

Like the wise man he is, RM began to address the question by accepting that it was an inevitable part of life: “If there’s light, there’s always shadow.” Because there can’t be one without the other, the first step was realizing that they can’t escape from having haters.

The key to overcoming their negativity was not to engage with or acknowledge it, “We cannot always concentrate on those bad words.” If they did so, it would eventually affect them as well and prevent them from succeeding. To prove it, RM gave an example.

If he had listened to the haters, he would be too afraid to stand on the GRAMMYs stage or even participate in the interview they were doing. Essentially, giving the haters what they want would’ve been their downfall, which is precisely why they should be ignored. Even as he was answering, he knew that there were haters out there right at that moment, spewing negativity on “Twitter, anywhere.”

Holding up a hand to his ear as if it were itchy, RM showed that haters were merely a minor annoyance. As they say, the loudest people are part of the smallest group. BTS won’t cave to them when more than twice as many fans are cheering them on. In the end, love always wins: “We have our fans. They purple us. With that, we can [get over anything].”

Listen to RM’s wise words on not falling victim to the negativity of those who don’t want to see them thriving here.