BTS Reveals Their Deepest Desires In New Year Greeting Video

From personal to general wishes, each member has something they want to achieve in the coming year.

Popular male group BTS released a video titled [BANGTAN BOMB] Happy new year 2017! to their YouTube channel BANGTANTV on January 1st. The video featured a short message from each of the members, not only thanking their fans but endearingly talking about their dreams and wishes for the year to come.

During the 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun, couple of hours before the New Year, the members of BTS were asked about what they expected and hoped for in 2017.

Member Jimin thanked ARMYs for all the new experiences and memories that were made and the love they received. He explained that it was because of ARMYs that BTS were able to make themselves known to the world. Jokingly, he added that his personal goal for 2017 is to get his license because he’s the only member that doesn’t have one.

Rap Monster started off his speech by reflecting on how he’s now in his mid-twenties and talked about when he first became a trainee. He wished that both BTS and ARMYs will be able to go through each day smiling. He added:

We will be your hopes and rays of light by releasing good music, good performances and a great promotional period.

At the end of his part, he put emphasis on health, advising fans to make sure to take care of themselves in 2017.

Jin teasingly announced that he can’t share his luck with fans in 2017 because he needs it for himself, but encourages them to try and get some from the people around them. He also advised fans not to forget about themselves and discussed the importance of leaning on friends for comfort and support.

He cutely finishes saying, “And for our first video of 2017, let’s start with a kiss,” blowing a kiss at the camera.

Jungkook first reflected on how much time has passed, sheepishly admitting that they do it every year but also how much of a busy and hectic year BTS has had. He wished that the group will have a chance to have more personal time in the coming year. He ended his speech with:

“Let’s continue running towards our goal. Run, run, run! Fighting!”

J-Hope put a big emphasis on how the love from their fans allowed BTS to prosper the past year, so much so he actually began to wonder if it was okay to receive so much love. He promised that BTS will give fans good music and performances to impress both their eyes and ears.

Member V looked back at how much BTS have done in 2016 and said he’s very proud and thankful towards ARMYs who supported the group throughout the year. He emphasized that all seven members were able to be so happy and focused thanks to their support.

The video concluded with a prerecorded message from Suga, who didn’t attend the festival due to injury.

He expressed his wishes that 2017 will be a year where BTS can put on their wings and fly together with ARMYs.

You can watch the full clip here: