BTS Reveals Why They Weren’t Nervous Even When They Made A Mistake On Stage

Hard work pays off.

BTS has always been known for their hard work and effort since their debut, regardless of the hate and the negativity that they faced. They learned from a young age that in order to prove everyone wrong, they would have to master their talent and skills.

In a previous interview from their debut, you can see just how much effort they put into their performances.

Although you are rookies, you don’t seem nervous on stage. Have you ever made a mistake on stage before?

  • Jungkook: “Recently on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’, I felt my hat getting loose as I was dancing. Ultimately, I just threw the hat, not caring about how my hair looked.”
  • Jimin: “You still came out looking good though. I should throw my hat too and pretend like it was a mistake (laughs).”
  • Suga: “We’ve done a lot of practice to prepare for these types of mishaps or wardrobe malfunctions. In instances where our hats are falling off, we would kick them away with our feet or throw them. We practiced a lot while monitoring our performances so I think that’s why people who watch us think that we are really smooth at covering our mistakes. Of course we got in a lot of trouble from our company (laughs).”

V also recalled a time he thought Suga was a true professional. “Just about two weeks after our debut, Suga’s beanie fell off by mistake. His ability to throw it off to the side without any hesitation made him look like a real professional.”

Jimin agreed, “Suga was great at handling these types of things. It could have been a dangerous situation.”

And it looked like all this was possible because of their continuous monitoring and never-ending practice. Suga responded, “We’ve practiced a lot with props since debut. I thought everyone practiced like that but it turns out it was just us.”

After his mistake on that stage in 2013, Suga began to always check his hat carefully in order to never make the same mistake again.