BTS’s RM Accused BigHit Of Favoritism And Now We Can’t Stop Laughing

BigHit Entertainment’s staff seemed to be playing favorites, and RM wasn’t having it.

RM threw caution to the wind when he called out BTS‘s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, for favoritism in front of millions of ARMYs.


On February 18, J-Hope hosted a live with fans to celebrate his birthday. Halfway through the video, five of his members burst into the hotel room with cake and a birthday song.


While looking around the room, RM noticed how much bigger it was than his own room. He immediately called out the staff, wanting to know why.


RM said he’d let it slide since it was J-Hope’s birthday, but…


…he couldn’t stop talking about it! RM told the members that his room was only half the size of J-Hope’s, which just wasn’t fair.


Jungkook added fuel to RM’s fire by telling him that he’d gotten a large room too! According to the members, the rooms were chosen at random, so favoritism wasn’t really to blame.


Besides, if RM wanted a larger room he could just sleep in J-Hope’s!