BTS’s RM Reveals What “Boy With Luv” Could Have Sounded Like Instead

RM gave ARMYs a sneak peek at the original “Boy With Luv”.

BTS‘s RM has shared part of a “Boy With Luv” demo, and now fans want more!


The final version of “Boy With Luv” is perfection, so it’s hard to imagine it sounding any different than it does. Like most of BTS’s songs, it went through a number of changes to become the hit we know today.


On April 22, RM hosted a surprise livestream to share behind the scenes info about Map of the Soul: Persona. He talked about the songwriting process, discussed lyrics, and more.


At one point, RM shared J-Hope‘s alternate verse for an earlier version of “Boy With Luv”. This version sounds completely different, and RM is the one singing the backup vocals for it.


Fans are loving both versions of “Boy With Luv”, and many are hoping that the full demo track will be released in the future!


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