RM Broke The Rules At BTS’s Riyadh Concert And Fans Are Loving It

This “mistake” made ARMY’s night.

BTS made a few changes to their Riyadh concert, but it seems like RM missed the memo!


On October 11, BTS gave their first-ever performance in Saudi Arabia. Out of respect for local culture, adjustments were made to BTS’s choreography. The members toned down any “intimate behavior” on stage. That meant no “FAKE LOVE” ab flashes, and definitely no hip thrusts…right?


“Baepsae” is one of BTS’s most aggressive and provocative performances, but this bad boy had to be on good behavior in Riyadh. J-Hope replaced his camera-attacking, fan-slaying hip thrusts with a cute heart…


…but RM, well, didn’t. He appears to have slipped into the regular choreography out of habit…


…and fans couldn’t love it more!